Customer Testimonials

I would recommend Wendy Levy. She is a real person, passionate, courageous, down to earth and thorough…..

“She worked at all hours on my case and even the Judge credited her as very persuasive in court. She not afraid to take on the tyranny of authority but knows how to work within the system. She was the only person in the valley I could find to believe in my and take on Joe Mazza, custody evaluator, against all odds. I recommend her because she will fight tirelessly for the underdog and Justice.” – Steve B.

Wendy Levy Was In My Corner

“Although my custody battle was brutal and disheartening, Wendy really made it a more bearable experience and left me feeling I had someone that cared about my son and what was best for him in our corner. Thank you so much for your guidance, support and friendship through one of the most trying times in my family’s lives.” – Rachael D.

I Highly Recommend!

“Wendy did a good job for me to get Sole Custody of my daughter. During the process of waiting for the custody trial, she was always available to answer any questions or worries I had. I had dealt with other lawyers before her and she actually seemed like she cared. I would recommend her to anyone that needs help with custody issues.”- Robert D.

Very Thorough & Prepared

“Wendy Levy represented me for my divorce and custody case. She was very thorough, preparing me for any and every possible scenario, she always kept my two daughters well being at the top priority. She was very mindful of my budget and made every effort to keep costs within it.” – David W.

Hard Working, Honest, And A Rock In The Court Room…

“I have worked with Wendy for a long time, and walked into the courtroom with her twice, and in both cases we walked away happy and content. I have 2 kids, and my x was doing everything she can to compromise their relationship with me. It was an up hill battle but Wendy was always present for me, and gave me council whenever I needed it. She helped me block my x attempt to move the kids away from to another town, even though she had full custody. I was awarded equal time and rights with my kids I owe all that to Wendy for her clear understanding of law, and her smart and strategic planning of how to approach the case …. She will did everything she could to avoid the courtroom because she understood that it is hard on every member of the family. However, I had the chance to witness her in the courtroom because my x refused to compromise, and Wendy was brilliant, strong, fought for me and the kids to the end … and the outcome was in our favor by the a mile … and I couldn’t have the strong relationship that I have with my kids today if it wasn’t for Wendy.”

Wendy brings not only her excellent knowledge of courtroom etiquette but also a genuinely human approach to child custody cases….

“She is able to see the bigger picture and connect her clients with supports they may need. She is caring, kind, and compassionate, as well as competent in the courtroom. She goes out of her way to make herself accessible and to be very prompt and efficient in communicating. She takes a genuine interest in the well being of her clients and the greater good.  I believe that she is ethical and moral and believes in supporting what is in the best interest of the children. Wendy puts her heart and soul into her work. She is a wonderful attorney and resource to have during divorce and custody matters. I am grateful to have found her.

You’re the best, Wendy!” – Kelly S.