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There are three kinds of spousal support available in Oregon. You can request one or more when you file or respond, depending on your specific needs. Each type of support is awarded for a unique purpose. Spousal support is deductible for the person paying it and must be reported as income by the person receiving it. The duration of a spousal support order depends on the facts of your case. Important factors include age and health of the parties, income or earning capacities, whether the party requesting it lives alone or with someone, and length of marriage. Spousal support can be modified if there is an unanticipated substantial change of circumstances since the last order.

Transitory Spousal Support and Compensatory Spousal Support

Transitory spousal support is awarded when one spouse needs to return to school or get training in order to re-enter the job market competitively. Typically this is awarded to the parent who has stayed home with children while the other parent worked. Compensatory spousal support is appropriate in cases where one party made a substantial financial or other kind of contribution to the education, training, skills, career or earning capacity of the other party.

What is Maintenance Spousal Support?

We can help you receive any form of spousal support. Maintenance spousal support is a contribution from one party to the other to help the receiving party maintain a standard of living close to what was enjoyed during the marriage.