Property Division Attorney in Medford

Helping You Make Fair Division of Property

At Levy & Harris, you get legal advice and representation for issues associated with property division. Do you have personal items that you had before your marriage such as your father’s stamp collection or jewelry you got from your grandmother? You’ll receive them in the divorce when you choose us.

Assessment of Marital Property and Marital Assets

Looking at the property you and your spouse own, the court will first look at marital property. This will include everything owned by the parties regardless of when it was acquired or how it is titled.

Next, the court will take a look at your marital assets, the property acquired during a marriage. All property acquired after the marriage is subject to a presumption of equal contribution.

Let Us Help You Rebut the Presumption of Equal Contribution

If you rebut the presumption of equal contribution, the court will determine the distribution of the asset in a just and proper manner. Ultimately the court works toward a fair property division. A premarital asset of one party can be given to the other party if required.