Divorce Attorney & Legal Separation Attorney in Medford, Oregon

Wendy Levy is a dedicated and seasoned divorce attorney. She has been an attorney in Oregon since 2010, before that practicing in California since 1977. She is experienced, compassionate and takes control when you are at your lowest emotional point during your divorce or separation. Trust Wendy Levy to fight for your rights.

GP courtExperienced Divorce and Child Custody attorney Wendy Levy understands this can be an extremely stressful and difficult period in your life. She will represent both men and women of Josephine County with compassion and commitment of strong and driven legal guidance.

With years of both courtroom and mediation expertise ranging from mutual divorce proceedings to the most complex of child custody cases, Wendy Levy is an attorney that Grants Pass residents can count on.

Confused and unclear on what to do and when to seek legal advice? Here are just a few common initial questions that may be helpful in providing you some direction.

What should I do if I receive divorce papers?
Answer: You have thirty days from the date you were served, to file what is called a “response” with the court. Technically, if you fail to file your response within the thirty day window, your spouse could file a request for a “default judgment” against you. A default judgment means that you failed to respond in the time you were allowed to respond and a judgment can be entered against you, awarding your spouse what he or she asked for in the petition.

The law gives you more time to file your response. A lawyer can request that you get notice before a default is filed and ask for more time to file the response. So if you are close to the thirty days being up, you can file a request that a default not be entered against you without notice and more time to file the response. The person who wants the default has an obligation to give you ten days notice plus an additional three days for mailing, that they intend to file for a default if you do not respond. So even though you should respond in a timely matter once being served, there are ways to get more time.

I think my ex and I agree on everything. We don’t need a lawyer do we?
Answer: You probably don’t agree on everything. People regularly call me and tell me that they are in complete agreement with their ex and just want to settle. More often than not, this is not the case when we dig a little deeper. Often people are in a rush to settle, just to get “it” over with. They want to make compromises they probably wouldn’t ordinarily make, they don’t want to upset the other person, so they just try to find a middle ground. A divorce or a custody dispute is not the time to try and make your ex feel better about himself or herself. If there are kids involved, you need to think about the children, whats in their best interests, not what is in the best interests of getting the case settled. Issues regarding custody and parenting plans can take time to resolve. I advise my clients not to rush through these very important issues.

These are just a few of the multitude of questions, thoughts and scenarios that can be confusing and intimidating. I can help, I can stand by you and provide you a commitment to seeing this difficult process through.