Medford Child Support Attorney

Child Support After a Divorce or a Separation

Child support in Oregon is based upon guidelines established by statute and set out in the Oregon Administrative Rules. Support is usually determined according to a mathematical formula. You can sometimes calculate child support yourself by going to the Division of Child Support page on the Oregon Department of Justice website.

The factors taken into consideration include each parent’s income, the number of joint and non joint children, spousal support payments, social security and veteran’s benefits received on behalf of the children, the number of overnights each parent spends with the children, and child care costs.

Sometimes, special circumstances, referred to as “rebuttal factors” will allow deviation from the guideline amount. These might include extraordinary expenses incurred due to medical bills, hardships such as travel expenses for one parent, the number of dependents in the home, etc.

Child support can be modified on a showing of substantial change of circumstances since the last order of support. If support is being enforced through the District Attorney’s Office or the Department of Justice, you can request a modification every two years.