Custodial parent wants to move away

What if I worry that the custodial parent wants to move away? Your lawyer can file what is called a motion for a status quo. These can be filed either before a General Judgment is filed, or after a General Judgment is filed. Basically the procedure is the same, notice is given to the other [...]

Grandparents, Step-Parent, 3d party Rights

Grandparents Rights, or Step-Parent Rights or other 3d party rights for Visitation and/or Custody Often I get calls from a grandparent who is very sad and hurt because their children are preventing them from seeing their grandchildren. Or maybe it’s a step-parent, who helped raise the other party’s child, and now they are divorcing and [...]

Frequently Asked Questions about Child Custody cases

Child Custody Lawyer in Medford, Oregon Giving You the Right Advice Related to Child Custody The parent with legal custody has the authority to make major decisions for the children, usually in the areas of religious upbringing, education, and medical treatment. For instance, the parent with custody decides if the children should go to private [...]

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